Not your average tattoo parlor.

Custom designed tattoos and piercings available at Artisan Ink.

Have an idea for a one-of-a-kind tattoo or piercing? Come see us! We enjoy working with our client’s creativity to come up with an original piece of art that is not found on any wall. Check out our work on our Facebook page!

Safe and sterile environment.

Your tattoo and piercing will be done under strict sanitary conditions. Every instrument has gone through a certified autoclave sterilization process. The entire work area is also sanitized and the sterilized individually wrapped tattoo instruments are opened right in front of you.

Bring out your creativity with a tattoo or piercing.

  • Tattoos – Custom work, color tattoos, and black and gray tattoos
  • Body Piercings – Simple piercings including ears, nose, eyebrows, tongue, lips, cheeks, and belly buttons
  • Check out photos of our work!

Bring your artistic individuality to life with custom tattoos and piercings. Call 425-760-2916 today.

Tattoo and Piercing - Artisan Ink - Marysville, WA

1388 State Avenue

Custom Tattoos
and Piercings
We specialize in the
customer’s original artwork


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